Apostle Paulette Boschmans-Forbes is the founder and apostle of Powerhouse Ministries. She is a respected spiritual leader, fuelled with a passion to fulfil God’s plan. Through her preaching’s she encourages others to pursue a life of purpose, purity  and integrity.

Dealing with hard truthful and relevant issues, she is not afraid to confront others and to provoke them to deepen their intimacy with God, so they can arise to their divine calling and destiny.

At a young age, Apostle Paulette would frequently tell scriptures to her mother and receive dreams and visions that she could not understand at that time. Even though her parents were not believers, they were very strict so she had a strong disciplined upbringing. Surrounded by believing family members, the Word of God got poured into her life. During her adolescence she lost her way for a while, but God took her back because of the calling He had on her life.

About 15 years ago Apostle Paulette began her journey in her former church, as a leader, building the church, called as an intercessor to help establish the church where Christ was the foundation thereof. A few years later she opened up a Christian Bookstore “Women of Faith” together with Pastor Ann Abbott.

This was truly a leap of faith, without substantial funds, relying only on the Word of God, they were able to hold this venture for three years. Not necessarily the profit, but winning souls for Christ was the main focus. Until the Lord spoke to Apostle Paulette that He had bigger plans, a vision of Isaiah 61 from where Powerhouse Ministries was birthed out.

With an eagerness to enter into this new dimension, she started out to pastor in her own living room with only 13 people. In the course of little over three years, Powerhouse Ministries became one of the fastest growing churches in the region with over 200 members attending.  Last year (as an apostle) she also set up Powerhouse Ministries in a new city _Tilburg _ where Pastor Ann Abbott is placed as Senior Pastor.

Apostle Paulette is a licensed minister and has been ordained by the overseer apostle Kathy of the “Spirit of Christ Christian Centre” in North Carolina. Her ministry is recognized by the government of the USA.

Hearing and heeding to the voice of God, Apostle Paulette is prepared for wherever God wants her to go. As a result she has been asked to conferences, meetings and gatherings of many other churches, where she gives counselling, exhorts and empowers them to maximise their potential.  She continues to be placed on various platforms both nationally (Alkmaar, Almere, Rotterdam) as internationally (England, Germany, USA).

For this year Apostle Paulette received the vision: “The Restoration of the Father’s Kingdom” that is to bring churches in unison, so, to repair the breach in the Kingdom between churches, pastors, families and marriages.

Apostle Paulette is honoured to be married to Pastor Orlando Boschmans and together they raised 4 children who are all active in the ministry. Pastor Prince, Prophetess Phelecia, Minister Anthony and Minister Orfeo. Giving all they have and all they are to the Lord and to the ministry He placed them in, they are committed to lead Powerhouse Ministries with integrity and in excellence.